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Ready to get started with PATHwatch?

Register online using the steps below:


Or call the Actelion Pathways® Support Center at 1-866-ACTELION (1-866-228-3546), Mon-Fri, 8 AM-8 PM ET


You can also contact your Therapy Access Manager (TAM) for assistance and to schedule an office visit

About PATHwatch

PATHwatch is an online portal that organizes patient access data,* providing:


    Critical details that affect enrollment and access history


    Centralized storage for enrollment and reimbursement documents


    Real-time alerts on pending paperwork or missing information


    Easy tracking and monitoring of therapy shipments

By providing prescription access data 24/7, PATHwatch helps keep the focus on the patient.

*Available for patients who are currently on Actelion oral PAH therapies or medications.

What you can expect

  • Ability to search, sort, and filter patients
  • Alerts about pending actions and missing information
  • Quick view of patient shipments and prior authorization status for Actelion oral PAH products
  • Access to information regarding dose change interactions